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Round abstract comic Faces with various Emotions. Crayon drawing style. Different colorful characters. Cartoon style. Flat design. Hand drawn trendy Vector illustration. Juggling emotions concept. Man looks at starry sky, emotional intelligence and mood control. Mindfulness and psychology. Techniques and techniques for managing anger. Cartoon flat vector illustration Juggling emotions, flat tiny persons vector illustration. Personal traits and self awareness emotional intelligence. Controlling impulses and mental activity reactions. Exploring inner personality. Vector set of hand-drawn cartoony expression sign doodle, curve directional arrows, emoticon effects design elements, cartoon character emotion symbols, cute decorative brush stroke lines. Big set of emoticon smile icons. Cartoon emoji set. Vector emoticon set Emotional control and self regulation, stressed management or mental health awareness, feeling and expression concept, calm woman holding balloons with emotion or expression faces, happy, sad or fear. Emotional intelligence, balance emotion control feeling between work stressed or sadness and happy lifestyle concept, mindful calm woman using her hand to balance smile and sad face. Cartoon faces. Expressive eyes and mouth, smiling, crying and surprised character face expressions. Caricature comic emotions or emoticon doodle. Isolated vector illustration icons set Psychology and mental line icons collection. Big UI icon set in a flat design. Thin outline icons pack. Vector illustration EPS10 Emotional balance concept. Man develops his emotional intelligence, definition of mood. Consciousness, self development and selfcontrol. Character juggles emoticons. Cartoon flat vector illustration

Premium vectors from Shutterstock

Round abstract Faces with various Emotions. Drawing style. Different colorful characters. Cartoon style. Flat design. Hand drawn trendy Vector illustration. Every face is isolated Cute kids emotions collection. Child different emotional expressions bundle. Learning feeling poster for school and preschool. Faces of boys and girls. Vector illustration Feedback concept design, emotions scale background and banner Set of Emoji Colored Flat Icons. Vector Set of Emoticons. Sad and Happy Mood Icons. Vote Scale Symbol Set. Emotion regulation with emotional intelligence control tiny person concept. Psychological feelings and mental mindset variation from sad to happy vector illustration. Ability to influence expressions. Yellow emoji. Funny emoticons faces with facial expressions. 3D stylized vector icons set Empathy line icon set. Included the icons as cheer up, friend, support, emotion, mental health and more. Emotions turn on and off. Emotional intelligence concept with human head silhouette with emotion on or off toggle switch inside. Minimalistic vector illustration. Big set of 120 emoticon smile icons. Cartoon emoji set. Vector emoticon set Five elements of emotional Intelligence with icons and description placeholder in an infographic template